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Friday, February 12, 2016
Police Department: Police Reports

Most police records are public records. There are, however, exceptions such as ongoing investigations and juvenile records.

Obtaining Copies of Police Reports
It is the duty of the Records Section to ensure that all confidentially requirements are met and that criminal history and arrest information is released only to persons who qualify. Providing there is no violation of confidentially regulations, records will provide reports to requesting parties.

The McMinnville Police Department will respond to all public records request within seven (7) business days from receipt or provide an explanation of why more time is needed. Copies of police reports are available for purchase from the front office counter.

All requests must be paid in advance and a self-addressed stamped envelope must be included with payment.


Copy Charges
Private Citizens and Non-Profit Organizations: $5.00 (for the first 20 pages) and $0.50 cents for each additional page. Requests for multiple case numbers will continue to be $5.00 (up to the first 20 pages) and $0.50 cents for each additional page.

For Profit Organizations (i.e. insurance companies): $5 for up to 20 pages. Each copy after the initial 20 will be charged a rate of $1 per page.


Download the form here:

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