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Thursday, May 26, 2016
Parks & Recreation: City Parks

City Parks

 McMinnville’s 18 Mini-Parks, Neighborhood Parks, Community Parks and Linear Parks offer a variety of site amenities, playgrounds, playfields, walking pathways, picnic shelters and picnic patios, natural features and opens spaces for recreation throughout our community.  The location and brief description of each of these park resources is offered below.  We encourage McMinnville residents and other community visitors to explore the park system and enjoy the many opportunities for recreation or solitude offered within.


Additional information about various park uses, park regulations, and park reservations is also provided through the various links listed below.


If you have questions about the McMinnville park System, or need information about possible park uses, please contact the McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department, 503-434-7310 (for a menu of options) or contact Parks and Recreation Director, Jay Pearson, 503- 434-7359.


Park Descriptions

Picnic / Reservation Information

Picnic and Park Reservation Form

Pets in City Parks


Metal Detecting Permit Renewal - NEW! Metal Detecting Permit Renewal

Metal Detecting in City Parks