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Saturday, May 28, 2016
Commissions and Committees

Citizen volunteers play a large role in city government, staffing and overseeing key commissions and committees.

For more information about these committees, contact:

Rose Lorenzen
Phone: 503-434-7405.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Advisory Board 
Airport Commission
Board of Appeals
Budget Committee
Citizens' Advisory Committee   
Historic Landmark Committee
Landscape Review Committee
McMinnville Urban Area Management Commission (MUAMC) 
McMinnville Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (MURAC) 
Planning Commission    
Water and Light Commission



Advisory Board (4-year term)
The Advisory Board meets quarterly and makes it possible for things to run smoother for all parties in the construction industry within the City. We encourage you to communicate your views, concerns, and suggestions to any of the following members of this board.

Volunteer Phone
Alan Brandon, Baker Rock 503-472-2189
Ron Ponto 503-434-5588
Jim Duke, Habitat for Humanity 503-472-2839
Bruce Kenny, Architect 503-289-2591
Kevin Simpson, Simpson Electric Construction 503-550-4027
Heber Nelson 971-241-8703
Randall Kaufman, Kaufman Construction 503-474-0415
Malcomb Lamb, Four Seasons Heating & A/C 503-538-1950
Randy Hartzell, First Federal Savings and Loan 503-472-6171
Kraig Ludwig, YCAP 503-472-0457


Airport Commission (4-year term)

The Airport Commission meets on the first Tuesday of odd months at 6:30 p.m., in the McMinnville Civic Hall Building, located at 200 NE Second Street. The Commission is a seven-member (six public members and one City Council liaison member) City Council appointed body, that takes action and makes recommendations to the City Council on all necessary rules and regulations for the conduct, management, and operation of the Airport.  Commissioners serve a four-year term of appointment.

View Airport Commission meeting material and minutes.

Volunteer Term Work Home
Rick Olson, Mayor ---   503-434-5486
Andy Benedict '18  --- 503-472-1122 
Jody Christensen, Chair '15 --- 503-472-0566
John Lautenbach, Vice Chair '16 --- 503-472-7608
Doug Hurl '16 --- 503-472-8753
Brad Berry '18 503-434-7539


Joe Mollahan '17  ---



Board of Appeals (4-year term)
The Board consists of five members appointed by the City Council. The members have various construction backgrounds and serve a four-year term. The Building Official and Fire Marshal serve as ex officio members and have no vote on matters before the Board. The Building Official also serves as secretary to the Board.

Volunteer Term Work Home
Wilmer Andrist '15 503-434-5401 ---
Waldo Farnham '17 503-472-2186 ---
Vince Haworth '18 503-472-2452 ---
Bruce Kinney '15 503-227-7783 503-472-1539
Vacant --- --- ---


Budget Committee (3-year term)

Volunteer Term Work Home
Robert Dodge '16 503-472-5535 ---

Brad Robison

'15 --- 503-472-7695
Jerry Hart '15 503-472-5156 503-472-2389
John Mead '17 503-560-2263 ---
Travis Parker '16 503-472-1131 503-434-5883
Kris Stubberfield


--- 503-472-5632
 Brad Lunt '15 525-4710 503-472-6338


Citizens' Advisory Committee (4-year term)
The Citizens' Advisory Committee is a seven-member board appointed by the City Council to serve four-year terms. Members must reside within the Urban Growth Boundary of the City of McMinnville, and meet on an as-needed basis to consider major land-use issues prior to review by the Planning Commission and City Council. The Committee also periodically reviews and updates the Comprehensive Plan. Prior to the scheduled Comprehensive Plan update, the Council appoints an additional eight members of the community from within the Urban Growth Boundary. These members serve as long as necessary to accomplish the update and only make recommendations on the update of the plan.

Volunteer Term expires
Mark Davis


Scott Roberts


Marcie Rosenzweig 


Four Vacancies ---


Historic Landmark Committee (4-year term)
The Historic Landmarks Committee is a five-member City Council appointed body that reviews applications for alteration or destruction of historic landmarks within the City of McMinnville. Members serve a four-year term of appointment, and meet on an as-needed basis. The City Council makes every effort to appoint persons with experience in the field of historic preservation.

Volunteer Term expires
Joan Drabkin 2017
Bob McCann 2017
John Mead 2018
Rebecca Quandt 2019
Patti Webb, Chair 2019


Landscape Review Committee (3-year term)
The Landscape Review Committee is a five-member City Council appointed body that reviews all required landscape plans for the City of McMinnville. The Committee consists of three regular members and two alternate members who each serve a three-year term of appointment. The Committee meets on an as-needed basis.


Term expires

Sharon Gunter 2017
Josh Kearns 2018
Rob Stephenson, Chair 2016
ALT:  RoseMarie Caughran 2016
ALT:  Tim McDaniel 2017


McMinnville Urban Area Management Commission (MUAMC)
The MUAMC is a seven-member board that functions as a hearings officer to review requests for amendment of the McMinnville Urban Growth Boundary. The Commission is comprised of seven members, three designated by the City, three by the County, and one member designated jointly by these two bodies.

Volunteer Representing
Vacant McMinnville Planning Commission
Mark Davis Citizens' Advisory Committee
Bob Emrick At-Large
Dan Armstrong Yamhill County Planning Commission
Allen Springer Yamhill County Board of Commissioners
Rick Olson Mayor
Matt Dunckel Yamhill County Planning Commission


McMinnville Urban Renewal Advisory Committee (MURAC)
Appointed by the City Council, this seven member board is responsible for reviewing, advising, and making recommendations to the McMinnville Urban Renewal Board on matters pertaining to the adopted "McMinnville Urban Renewal Plan." Also serving on this committee are three non-voting, ex-officio members representing the McMinnville Downtown Association, McMinnville Water and Light, and McMinnville City Council. The committee meets on an "as needed" basis.

Volunteer Term expires
Jeb Bladine 2016
Ed Gormley 2017
Walt Gowell 2016
Kelly McDonald 2016
Wendy Stassens 2018
Rob Stephenson  2018
Marilyn Worrix  2017
Kem Carr, ex-officio   
Scott Hill, ex-officio   
Cassie Sollars, ex-officio   


Planning Commission (4-year term)
The Planning Commission meets on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m., in the McMinnville Civic Hall Building, located at 200 NE Second Street. The Commission is a nine-member, City Council appointed body, that takes action and makes recommendations to the City Council on a variety of current and long-range land use matters. Membership on the Commission requires that a person must live in the ward they represent. Commissioners serve a four-year term of appointment.

View Planning Commission meeting agendas or minutes.

Volunteer  Ward Term expires
Martin Chroust-Masin 1


Zack Geary At Large


Roger Hall At Large


Charles Hillestad  At Large  2016 
Jack Morgan 2 2016
Wendy Stassens, Chair



Erica Thomas


John Tiedge, Vice Chair


Vacant  3 2018


Water and Light Commission (4-year term)
Meets third Tuesday of every month. Call (503) 472-6158 for details. 

Volunteer Term Work Home
Rick Olson, Mayor --- --- 503-434-5486
Patrick Fuchs
'18 503-472-9200                  ---
Tom Tankersley, Chm. '17 503-472-0344 503-472-4039
Mike Keyes '15 503-472-2141 ---
Ed Gormley '16 503-472-4101