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Monday, April 21, 2014
McMinnville Designated Tree City USA Community


The Arbor Day Foundation has, for the 17th year in a row, designated the City of McMinnville as a Tree City USA community.  McMinnville is one of 57 cities in oregon that has achieved this designation.  To receive this award, the City had to meet the following standards:

  1. Have a tree board or department;
  2. Have a tree ordinance;
  3. Spend a minimum of $2/capita on tree-related issues; and
  4. Observe Arbor Day through proclamation and/or tree-related activities.

The Mayor has proclaimed April 7 - 13 as "Arbor Week" in the city, and urges all citizens to celebrate and support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands, and to plant trees to promote the well-being of this and future generations.

Fairgrounds Trunkline CIPP Project

This project consists of rehabilitating the sewers in the area of the High School Basin.  This project will repair or replace the trunkline sanitary sewer pipelines and laterals within the right-of-way and easements.  There may be some intermittent disruptions to access during construction .  The sanitary sewer pipes are beyond their service life and when groundwater leaks into the sewer system capacity is reduced, treatment cost increase, and overflows can occur.  This project is another Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) reduction project funded by rate payers to improve the City's sanitary sewer system and the environment.

Construction will start in June with a completion date in October.

For further information click here.

Pipe Bursting 1893 Building - Project 2014-2

The City is replacing the existing 8" diameter mid-block sewer main line between NE Davis Street and NE Evans Street and NE 2nd Street and NE 3rd Street.  Parking lot and sidewalk will remain open to the public (possible closure at times).  Work is scheduled to being April 9, 2014 and be completed by May 15, 2014.

Any questions can be directed to the Engineering Department at (503) 434-7312.

Parks and Rec Survey







WE WANT YOU! (To take our on-line Parks and Recreation survey today)


The McMinnville Parks and Recreation Department is beginning to plan new recreation programs and services for the summer of 2014 and beyond. We are very interested in how we can better serve single and married adults 20-35 years of age in McMinnville. If you fall within this age range, and you live in McMinnville, your input is very important to us. Please...let us know what YOU think!


Take it RIGHT NOW:  Survey Link

Your responses are fully confidential. Information provided will be used by Parks and Recreation Dept. staff only, to plan future programs, facilities and opportunities that meet respondents interests. Thank you for participating!  And tell a friend to “Take it” too!

The opinions of all our constituents, regardless of age, are important to us and we have, in fact, received valuable input from citizens of all ages, through McMinnville's comprehensive 2011 National Citizen Survey regarding McMinnville city services and community livability.   We also received equally broad feedback from about 300 respondents who participated in our 2012 Recreation Opportunity survey. 

Based on the results of these previous surveys, we have chosen to seek expanded information from McMinnville residents in the 20-35 year age range because we feel this demographic may be somewhat underserved by the Parks and Recreation Department. 

Additional targeted surveys will also be conducted in 2014.  For further information, contact Parks and Recreation Director, Jay Pearson, 503-434-7359.

Dog Park Lighting - Project to Begin Monday, December 23
As most of you know, the City of McMinnville received an $18,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to help light the west half of the year-round Riverside Drive Dog Park area.   Recently, the McMinnville City Council approved an additional $17,000+ to support lighting the whole winter area of the Dog Park.  DND Electric of McMinnville will be installing underground conduits and wiring, meter boxes and above ground poles and lights.   Work will begin the week of December 23 and is planned to be completed according to the schedule below:

Monday-Friday, December 23-27:  Excavation for new meter base, backfill and installation.  NO PARK CLOSURE REQUIRED.

Monday-Friday, January 6-10:  Excavation trenching and installation of in-ground conduits.  PARK CLOSED ALL WEEK

Monday and Tuesday, January 13 and 14:  Underground wire installation:  NO PARK CLOSURE ANTICIPATED.  Please keep animals away from workers and materials.  The Parks and Recreation Department will immediately close the park if safety of workers, park patrons or dogs becomes an issue.

Days and Dates To Be Announced:  Poles and light fixture installation.  PARK WILL BE CLOSED FOR 2 DAYS AS NEEDED.  

***All Dog Park patrons are asked to help make the park as clean as possible for the DND construction staff.  Please do extra pick-up duty throughout the park in the days leading up to the on-site work as scheduled.  Your extra help will be very much appreciated.

For further information, please contact Parks and Recreation Director, Jay Pearson at 503-434-7359.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!